Audiobook release!

I’m overdue for a blog post… again. The audiobook of The Wake of the Dragon was released on schedule at the end of March!

I’m very pleased with the final product. The narrator, Kevin Marchant, has the perfect voice for a Victorian setting and did a brilliant job of using different accents for different characters. He’s an actor, which is a great advantage for a narrator.

I’m hoping he’ll be up for the book in progress that continues the story of Mister Bale. It’s in early stages as I’ve been working on other things, but this may be the inspiration I need to give it more priority.

Airship pirates are a fun subject. My task now is to learn how to go about publicising audiobooks! I’ve started contacting reviewers who specifically do audiobooks. I may make a new book trailer, using some of the narration that makes this one work so well.

In the meantime,if you do Twitter, you might come across Mister Bale sailing the skies of cyberland.

Listen to his adventures on Audible, The Wake of the Dragon!



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Writer of Fantasy and Steakpunk as well as esoteric subjects.
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