FantasyCon 1-8 November!

I’m participating in FantasyCon, the first fully virtual Convention/Conference on Facebook.


Today is Dark Tuesday and I have a booth, though the pages for the past two days are still active. Here are the links:

Main Event Page

Sci-Fi Sunday

Paranormal Monday

Dark Tuesday

Epic Wednesday

Fairytale Thursday

Urban Friday

Steampunk Saturday

YA Fantasy Sunday

I will also have booths on Urban Friday and Steampunk Saturday. Come and have a look around! There are contests, prizes and special offers. I’ve just made the first book of The Goblin Trilogy, Dance of the Goblins, free on Smashwords for the day!

It should be fun, and will be the most time I’ve spent on Facebook for a very long time. I’m putting down tools on all my projects for the days I have a booth and will be posting loads of samples and offers. Other good authors and talented artists are doing interesting things as well so it will be similar to a live Con, but online so anyone can attend. There’s even a Cosplay contest daily!

Come have a look.


About Jaq

Writer of Fantasy and Steakpunk as well as esoteric subjects.
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