A Steampunk Christmas?

Everyone loves a little Victoriana at Christmas, thanks to the imagery given to us by Charles Dickens, and in my perusals of popular items on Twitter, I’ve seen a steady increase of Steampunk themed Christmas Fairs.

Wakefront150This brings to mind my own Steampunk series, which currently has one book released and two more in planning. Juggling other projects and spending a lot of time getting my films finished and released has delayed completion of the other two books, but they have not been forgotten!

The Wake of the Dragon is an Adventure story about airship pirates who steal an already waylaid shipment of opium from a warehouse in Victorian London.

Spies, mechanoids and the East India Company all get in on the act as the pirates fall foul of a dodgy businessman and the unlikeliest of heroes, his mild mannered clerk. It is available in paperback, all e-book formats and audiobook! Expertly narrated by Kevin Marchant.

Have a listen on Amazon.



About Jaq

Writer of Fantasy and Steakpunk as well as esoteric subjects.
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