August Release Set

I’ve been busy.

Front125Apart from short story contributions to anthologies, I’ve been finishing off a non-fiction project, Echoes of Ganesha. I set a July deadline, but it’s out now in both paperback and all E-book forms. So, I’m on top of things!

I have one short story yet to write on my project list, but it isn’t due until October, around the same time that Dreamtime Damsels and Fatal Femmes will be coming out. I don’t have a cover to show for that just yet, but it’s in progress. I’m not in control of the anthology but I’ve had input into choosing the effects to use on the cover image along with several other authors.

Front125I’ve committed to catch up on film work this month, but I’m slowly easing back into my next fiction release, The Chase for Choronzon. This one is more than half done, so I anticipate having it ready well in time for release on Friday, 9th August!

I’ll be bouncing between writing and film work between now and then, shifting the main focus as required. I have loads more projects in planning stages or even partially written, but I’m trying not to give myself specific deadlines for them for the moment. Too many can get stressful!

Meanwhile as you plan your summer holidays, you might want to consider taking along paperback copies of the Goblin series! These are on sale direct from Dance of the Goblins, Demoniac Dance and Power of the Dance are all 30% off through May!


I also have a new series brewing in the background. This one was inspired by the story I wrote for the Dreamtime Damsels and Fatal Femmes anthology. No it’s not related to my goblins or anything else I’ve written before. All I’ll say for now is dragons feature highly.

The characters who came to life in the short story felt like they were just getting started and had many great adventures ahead, so this is in a development phase. How long it will take to write the first book is anyone’s guess. I’ll be finishing Choronzon first and then I would like to continue my second Steampunk book, which has a few early chapters already written.

This one is titled The Winds of Winter Storms and features Mister Bale from The Wake of the Dragon and perhaps a few other familiar characters from that story, including a certain aerialist cat. Somehow what was meant to be a stand alone novel has blossomed into another trilogy!

Well I couldn’t just leave Mister Bale where he was, could I?

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