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Writer of Dark Fantasy, Horror and Steampunk as well as esoteric subjects.

Were-Creatures Then and Now

One of my fondest childhood memories is of repeatedly watching the 1941 Lon Chaney Jr. version of The Wolf Man. A scene that particularly stood out for me was when the Gypsy looks at the man’s palm and sees a … Continue reading

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Anthologies and Other Wild Beasts

I’ve mentioned in previous posts that I’ve been submitting short stories to anthologies recently. Several of these have come out recently or are due for release soon. The most recent is the Dreamtime Damsels and Fatal Femmes Anthology. For this … Continue reading

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Weekend sale!

Just to introduce the newest release, I’m having a one-off sale on The Chase for Choronzon! September 13 – 16 on Amazon and Amazon UK, grab it for only .99 and enjoy an adventure through time and space with two … Continue reading

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Creating a new genre – a guest blog from Laura Perry

Originally posted on Druid Life:
Have you ever wondered where genres of literature come from? I’ve watched the birth of a new genre over the past year or two and I’m very excited to see where this one goes. The…

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Stories About Witches by Witches!

I’ve got a story in a new anthology called: Witch Lit: Words From The Cauldron This is a charity anthology in aid of Books For Africa, a worthy charity if ever there was one. The Kindle book can be pre-ordered … Continue reading

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August Release Set

I’ve been busy. Apart from short story contributions to anthologies, I’ve been finishing off a non-fiction project, Echoes of Ganesha. I set a July deadline, but it’s out now in both paperback and all E-book forms. So, I’m on top … Continue reading

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Deadlines, Short Stories and Worthy Charities

I mentioned last blog that I’ve been writing a couple of short stories. Well, this seems to have escalated and I find myself writing several short stories, mostly for charitable causes that I believe in. I’m not a big fan … Continue reading

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