Fantasy Weekend

I’m having a sale for Fantasy Weekend! Friday 26 May – Tuesday 30 May, The combined volume of the Goblin Trilogy as well as my Steampunk novel will be reduced in price on Kindle!

Fantasy Weekend

Come share an adventure with me!

The Goblin Trilogy on Amazon and Amazon UK

The Wake of the Dragon on Amazon and Amazon UK

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Regular Guest Blogger

I’ve been asked to write blogs monthly for The Storyreading Ape, which is a very popular blog. How could I refuse? So between struggling to keep up with my own writing, blogs and filmmaking, I’m thinking up writing related subjects to write about every month.

Here are the articles so far:

Writing on the Edge – A World of Dark Fantasy

So You Think Your Story Would Make A Great Movie…

New Genre, New Pen Name?

Choosing Keywords

What’s Your Motivation for Writing?

Working With Non-Human Characters

Explaining Common References – Or What’s A Glock?

Writers Selling To Writers and the Fantasy Genre

I’ll add a list of links every few months to make sure readers of my blog aren’t missing these. In the meantime, I’m on a push to finish a non-fiction book in time for a conference in July. Film work is still cutting into my time, but I’m making a point of getting some of my writing done. I am, after all, first and foremost a writer!

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An interesting post on how to make good use of blog space. I will be adding a page as time allows to link to my interviews and such that still live on the web. ~ Jaq ————————————————————————————– FREE continuing promotion right under your nose …

READERS will also find this interesting (and they can *see below how they may help), but … This post is mainly for all you angst-ridden authors out there who moan and groan about how little p…

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A Steampunk Christmas?

Everyone loves a little Victoriana at Christmas, thanks to the imagery given to us by Charles Dickens, and in my perusals of popular items on Twitter, I’ve seen a steady increase of Steampunk themed Christmas Fairs.

Wakefront150This brings to mind my own Steampunk series, which currently has one book released and two more in planning. Juggling other projects and spending a lot of time getting my films finished and released has delayed completion of the other two books, but they have not been forgotten!

The Wake of the Dragon is an Adventure story about airship pirates who steal an already waylaid shipment of opium from a warehouse in Victorian London.

Spies, mechanoids and the East India Company all get in on the act as the pirates fall foul of a dodgy businessman and the unlikeliest of heroes, his mild mannered clerk. It is available in paperback, all e-book formats and audiobook! Expertly narrated by Kevin Marchant.

Have a listen on Amazon.


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Christmas Already?

Well not quite, but it’s hurtling towards us fast.

TrilogyFront200Getting into the spirit, I’ve set up a discount weekend over Black Friday and Cyber Monday! The Goblin Trilogy will be 1.99 from 25 November to 28 November.

So, if you haven’t tried it yet, now is a good time! Or if you have a Fantasy reading friend or relative, why not gift them a copy?

What could be more fun than a journey into a land of magic and mystical creatures where ecstasy is found in the transcendent power of The Dance!

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Virtual FantasyCon 2016!

Sunday, October 9th begins Virtual FantasyCon 2016 with Epic Fantasy, and I will be there with a booth and my goblins!


It’s happening on Facebook, HERE!

There are competitions, prizes and FREE BOOKS! Come meet the authors and join the Blog Hop Hunt or any of the other activities offered for fun and excitement at the second annual Virtual FantasyCon!

More sub-genres of Speculative Fiction are happening as the week goes on;

Sunday, 9 October – Epic Fantasy

Monday, 10 October – SciFi/Time Travel

Tuesday, 11 October – Fairytale/Punk Day

Wednesday, 12 October – Paranormal/Urban

Thursday, 13 October – Series/Short Story Day

Friday, 14 October – Dystopian/Apocalyptic Day

Saturday, 15 October – Dark Fantasy/Horror Day

Sunday, 16 October – YA/Children’s Fantasy

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Smashwords July Sale!

A bit of summer madness! I’ve put all my books at 75% off on Smashwords for the month of July. $1 each or equivalent in other currency. Come have a look.


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